Anthony Magarello
     This site contains fiction, non-fiction, and pictures of woodwork all of which I've made from the Nineties through today.  A Second Encyclical, a novel once included here, is now available on Kindle.  It is a saga my friend and I planned but which I had to write virtually alone because of his illness and eventual death.  There is a section which features short Stories of various types: normal and paranormal.  There is also a section which features short Stories of various types: normal and paranormal.  A Screenplays section written in script format is available for downloading.  There are sections on Pop SongsMovies, Pipe Smoking and Baseball - each of which continue to be major interests of mine.

     The Q_&_A section features topics traditionally thought important.  I will add to it as my muse insists. I imagine some will be a bit controversial not only for what is stated but how.  Short Sights offers brief commentaries on current topics.

     I devoted a section to Woodworking. The first two parts are pictures of some of the pieces I've made, and they are followed by a tract on some of the basic processes of my woodworking in general. I suppose I wrote it because I could have used such a manual, not having had any training in woodwork or in my working with my hands for that matter.

     As you may have gleaned from above, this site is evolving and will grow in time, so please think of it as a work in progress. Not sure why I included a Biography section, but comments can be made by email in the Contact Me section.  

     April 2012
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